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4. The truth is somewhere around

The world is diverse, and in this is magnificence! One way or another, everyone has preferences for how to spend their free time off from work, A TV series, online games, sports, or drawing. Mine was, as it seemed to me, one of the most interesting worlds, as my mother called it “to catch God by the beard”. Yes, that’s a pretty accurate definition, from a very young age I was looking for a system in the system of gambling, then at the bookmaker’s offices, roulette, then Forex and even a system including Pi. It’s important to note that I’ve always played with mathematics alone, statistics and formulas have been my weakness. For many years I actually never played for real money, as I always lost in theory and demo bets. What was the point in throwing down real money? No, I’m not a super mathematician, just driven by the desire to earn money. I fell in love with statistics, realizing that there are no other options for the game besides the dishonest ones.

Naturally, such a mystery as a perpetual motion machine with the advent of popularity and availability of neodymium magnets simply couldn’t pass me by. I ordered 50 small magnets on the site, for a couple of my engine circuits, which I’ve been wanting to check in action for a while and just play around. I don’t know by what accident they came to my city’s post office today, which I was pleasantly informed by the SMS of the delivery service.


Anton called so that he was free and could come with a video player, I had already finished my business about an hour earlier and I was waiting for him to show up.

“Anton, please pick up my delivery at the post office. It’s the second office that is on your way”.

I passed about half an hour and, lingering in the kitchen, I saw through the window, a car already drove up and Anton took out a video player and a package of cassettes from the trunk, which we collected two days ago all over the market.

“Owl, open up, Winnie the Pooh came…”, I heard on the intercom and a couple of minutes later Anton was standing on my floor in the doorway with a video player under his arm and a bag of tapes.

“Here it is my precious!!!”, I reached for the bag.

I have already told Anton about the Mandela effect, and since we often agreed on the theories he had already managed to monitor some sites on similar topics, of course, he was also already heated by interest. We connected the video player, and the blue screen saver from the ’90s surprisingly appeared quickly. I didn’t immediately insert “Star Wars” because the video player just could destroy the cassette and you never know what happened to it while it was lying in the closet for 20 years. The first cassette turned out to be a little wiped, but strange as it may seem, everything worked, sometimes dotted lines jumped, I was more worried that nothing would happen to them from old age. again Still, 20 years of the magnetic film is serious. I checked the rewind, everything worked clearly, maybe somewhere but sketchy it worked! Well, anyway, I’m rewinding a little more than 10 minutes, damn … wedding! In those days, cassettes were expensive, and many people just liked to record different films on them, many times on top of the old ones, in general, there were many fans of the modern flash drive. The first pancake is always lumpy. We have four more cassettes. So here we have, So, what do we have here? The Queen music videos. Everyone remembers the song Queen “We Are the Champions”, so it turns out on the Web it sounds with a different ending.

I couldn’t believe it either, I’ve heard this song probably a hundred times. This new ending on YouTube just surprised me, that’s right, on YouTube! So, I started checking out the place where, as it seemed to me, modern technologies couldn’t get to. The second one went. Start…

“Damn it again, it’s “The bloody fist”. That’s how to buy cassettes on the market for 35 cents”.

This one is damaged, there are stripes through the whole frame, in some places, it’s not so bad. Anyway, I rewind the whole thing and threw it in the trash. I’ve already started to worry a little bit that I will never find anything out of the pile of this junk? The third cassette, completely ruined still, time doesn’t spare anything, I thought. Almost with trembling hands, I took the most valuable artifact of the past “Star wars’’ that part of my memory, where even logic was on my side. I insert it and press start. Stripes are on the screen through the entire frame and a ragged sound, at least the movie is that! In some places, the sound and almost normal video jump. In some places again, there is ragged sound and stripes with dotted lines and smeared frozen frames. That’s what it is! All the same, in some places the remains of the preserved record can be traced. Up to the last one, there is hope in me that exactly the place with Dart Weider survived, I continue to rewind the cassette. Here is the moment of truth. That’s why I went to the market and killed time not only in the market but also on the Internet. It seems like here, according to blurred intermittent pictures, the right place. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, in my next chapter… Just kidding) it’s got to be crazy. I wind it back and forth and …. it’s ruined, the intermittent, unstructured sounds and strangely torn frozen frames are there. To say that I was upset…? I was upset. The remaining cassettes were also cruelly eaten by time, just junk for 35 cents not carrying any information except someone’s wedding and for some reason a surviving “bloody fist”.

“Mmm…really?”, that was Anton’s speech.

“Okay, let’s bring the video player back and this is the trash”, taking my very careless bag, which I had previously cherished so carefully.

Leaving the entrance, I went to the trash can and Anton opened the trunk and put the video player, which probably could also be thrown out after the cassettes, but it was not ours and it had to be returned.

“By the way, your delivery”. I completely forgot about it because of this video

but then I just noticed where he got it from. You have got to be kidding me.

“You… Did you put the magnets next to the cassettes?”

“What are magnets?”

“F..!, MF… (obscene language). So that’s what with the cassettes, you just demagnetized them.?”

“What, is it real? How did I know, you didn’t say what was in the delivery, so I threw it next to your bag…”

These are strange days, and there are strange circumstances. I thought for a long time why, why it happened, why it island why I agreed. Why some things in our lives can change the meaning of others. They are just things. Until the moment when I started to understand that everything didn’t happen by chance, it was still early. I didn’t know about magic items influencing the fate of a person yet. But this was the first time when two such subjects influencing my future path in life were clearly met.